Portfolio Management Teams

CI LifeCycle Portfolios offers plan participants the expertise of award-winning in-house and third-party portfolio managers selected by CI Multi-Asset Management.

Signature Global Asset Management Signature Global Asset Management's advantage is its approach where asset class and sector specialists combine their research to develop a comprehensive picture of a company and its securities. The team of 50 investment professionals is led by Chief Investment Officer Eric Bushell, who was named Morningstar Fund Manager of the Decade in 2010.
Cambridge Advisors Cambridge Global Asset Management is led by Chief Investment Officer Brandon Snow. Robert Swanson acts as Principal and Chief Market Strategist. Cambridge Global Asset Management is a division of CI Investments and has offices in Boston and Toronto.
Harbour Advisors Harbour Advisors, a division of CI Investments, is led by Portfolio Managers Ryan Fitzgerald and Roger Mortimer. Harbour's approach entails buying high-quality businesses at a sensible price, and following a patient, long-term outlook.
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Picton Mahoney Asset Management is a portfolio management firm led by David Picton. The use of quantitative analysis is the foundation of their approach. Picton Mahoney maintains a disciplined focus on fundamental change, coupled with strong risk controls and portfolio construction techniques.
Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. is a New York-based investment management firm founded by Wall Street veteran William Priest and associates. Epoch uses a unique value-based approach that focuses on companies with superior shareholder yield.
Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC follows a fundamental value approach in which the team seeks out high-quality undervalued companies worldwide. Founded by John Hock and associates, Altrinsic is based in Greenwich, Connecticut.
QV Investors Inc. QV Investors Inc. is a Calgary-based, employee-owned portfolio management firm that serves individual and institutional investors. QV follows a value-based approach in which it seeks companies with better returns and lower valuations than those of the market. The firm is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Jugovic and Vice-President and Portfolio Manager Ian Cooke.